My name is Rache, and I just might be an addict. No, for real. I've got this thing for reading good blogs and spending waaaay too much time finding new ones.

See? It's a curse.

But in the name of sharing all things good and generous, I'm sharing the links with you so that you, too, can become an addict. Because I'm nice like that, and these blogs are special like that.

You can thank me later. =)

Also born to fly - my sister's poetry blog.

Knockoffwood - the BEST DIY BLOG EVERRRR. It's that good.

Rae's captivated - bloggy friend.

Jenn's colliding thoughts - bloggy friend.

Ruby's teatime - bloggy friend.

Nicole's family journey - bloggy friend.

Stuff christians like - hilarious. Awesome. That is all.

Maegan's fashions - oooh, the fashion pretties.

Ali's african adventures - subject near and dear to the heart - great blog!

Angie's 'bring the rain' - beautiful blog. LURVE IT.

Annie blogs - oh, yes, she does, and so WELL, too! Great read.

Michelle's thoughts - bloggy friend.

Through a writer's eyes - bloggy friend.

Just wallpaper - and more. Great blog, awesome graphics.

Cake wrecks - who doesn't love 'em?

Post secret - love this site. No, for real. Fascinating!

Gilt - shopping. Need I say more?

Boomama - funny, witty, easy-to-read blog.

Bigmama - fun mama blog with lots of local flair [if living an hour away from the lovely SATX counts as local, of course.]

Ragamuffinsoul - longtime fan of the ragamuffinsoul blog. 

Whittaker woman - ..and the ragamuffinsoul family blog. Also a great read.

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