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I'm a reflection of the things, people, and experiences that shape me. Sound cliche? Probably, but it's the truth. [Cliches sometimes start out like that, I hear.] I'm learning every day, but I've got a long, long way to go.

I grew up in Texas [mostly] with an amazing set of parents, a lovely little snot-nosed sister, and a big brother who gave me THE MOST BEAUTIFUL nephews a girl could want.

I had some amazing opportunities afforded to me in the way of travel and cultural development, and along the way to being a big, bad grownup, I took every opportunity to enjoy the journey.

The journey recently brought me back to Texas, where I met and married the man of my dreams.

My life is filled with things that make me smile; Jesus, my family and friends, my design work, blogging [of course, darling, what else?!?], meeting new friends, music, sweet tea, traveling, the beach, the Spurs, singing in the shower, romance, mayan chocolate ice cream, cuddling, united efforts for a better world, and, you know, E-MAILS, to name a few. =)

Life is too short to trip over negatives; I'd rather live happy! 

If you know me, you probably tease me about these things; a cheesy smile, my accent, my "greenish green" eyes, and my penchant for catching certain jokes too late.

There are very few things that garner a frown from me, but as long as you're not a back stabber, you don't dwell in small-mindedness, and you choose to steer clear of petty gossip and drama, you won't see the death-ray stare. :) Unless you're lettuce, bitter coffee, heavy metal music, palmetto bugs, or right-handed tools. 

Highly unlikely if you're reading this now. =) 

Here's who I am; I believe that life is a journey, and I'm on the road to becoming the businesswoman and super-savvy designer that I have the potential to be, the wife-daughter-sister-friend that people deserve me to be, and the Christian that God wants me to be.
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