Fashion Friday

This is a wishful thinking Fashion Friday, one in which I ponder how much I would love to be able to both afford and carry off a leather dress like this. ;)

I mean, come on. It's fierce!

Not because I'm secretly a biker chick, nor do I have any interest in becoming goth.

Nope, my reason for loving this dress is much simpler than all that, namely, OOH, THE SHINY!

It's the season of holiday parties, and I'm honestly stumped as to what I should wear. I'm caught in the 'don't want to buy something new' and 'already wore out my party dresses on this crowd' doldrums, which is clearly not the place to be when it's the CHRISTMAS SEASON.

So instead, I whipped up a 'if only' outfit to make me feel better. Just know that if I was fabulously wealthy and had already helped heaps of people for Christmas with plenty of cash to spare, I'd probably wear this to a Christmas party. ;)

Happy Friday!

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