I love pretty hair.

I love having pretty hair.

What I don't love is making the time to have pretty hair on a constant basis.

I've fallen into a routine. You're pretty much guaranteed to see me in one of two hairstyles - flat ironed, or a top knot (usually a sock bun if I'm rocking the day-old previously straightened 'do).

A few times a year, I'll put in my extensions and curl my hair into the ever popular VS Angels hair. But there's no guarantee you'll see me like that, so no refunds. ;)

I'm trying to balance the health of my hair with the styles I try, too. The great platinum blonding of 2011 killed my hair's texture, so I have another excuse not to style it. ;)

Pinterest is keeping me busy trolling the Youtubes, though. There are heaps of great tutorials out there for hair and makeup (like the ones by Katie at Running on Happiness), so I'm working up the patience courage to try a few new looks. If I do, I'll keep you posted.

Until then, I'll be the girl with the sock in my bun.

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