Life Hacks.

Ever since Pinterest started consuming way too much of my time, I've noticed 'life hacks' circulating the interwebs. If you're unfamiliar with the term, well, let me school you. ;)

They're basically simple, creative solutions to normal issues. Like so:

They fascinate me. They inspire me. They make me feel like I'm a common sense ninja.

I mean, seriously? Who knows this stuff besides MacGyver (and the other few million people who have seen this pin)?

Some of them make me feel really dumb (why haven't I thought of that?!?)

Some of them don't work. (My headlights, after a vigorous brushing, still have a little haze around the edges).

Some of them are way too time consuming. Yeah, probably not gonna do that. ;)

Some of them probably shouldn't be common knowledge.

I still love reading them, though. And I'm proud to say that - when I remember - I've tested several of these life hacks on my own.

Like a boss common sense ninja. :)

So... Do you have any life hacks of your own?

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