Jill of some trades.

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The changing of the seasons is always invigorating to me. It's like a new chance, a fresh start. I'm a fall and spring type of gal, for that reason - I love change. I revel in new beginnings.

(Please note, in south Texas, the season is still changing. It's not really winter until, oh, say, January. Therefore, this is changing weather, even if you have snow at your house right now. [and if you DO have snow, please share!])

Lately I've been working on some 'should have been done ages ago' projects, like updating my portfolio, organizing paperwork (seriously, Taco Bell receipt from 2009?), finishing little left-undone items on some of my DIY projects, and generally trying to be more organized.

I struggle sometimes with being purposeful about everything I do. Frankly, it can be exhausting to see every project through to the finish, and it takes an attention span I don't possess. It's not that I don't mean well, nor is it that I don't jump in with both feet. No, ma'am; I have the whole 'do it with all your might' thing down to an art form.

It's the finishing part that I flounder around with. That's why my curtains are edged with hem tape instead of an actual hem, my refurbish projects sometimes don't receive a second coat of spray paint, and my piano skills are mediocre and for-emergencies-only (when someone else isn't there to play the keys, I am available. But probably not happy about it. (;) My toenails stay painted for a solid 6 weeks before I get around to changing the polish and I'm currently using eyeshadow for a highlighter in my makeup routine because I haven't gotten around to the store to purchase more.

I can do a lot of things. I can pull together a wardrobe from a random assortment of items (hello, Fashion Friday). I can sing and speak and run sound and play piano at church. I can design. I can decorate. I can craft. I can do photography. I can brainstorm and strategize and hypothesize. I can counsel. I can write. I can be technical and create websites and flash productions and videos. I can bake and cook. I can do hair and makeup. I can understand a little or a lot of several languages.

But I'm not a master-ess (Mistress? Is it okay to use that term here?) of any of those things. I'm "fair to middlin'", as good old fashioned Southern folk would say.

(In the interest of full disclosure, no one Southern would actually say that about any of my talents unless they also blessed my heart.)

Paul wrote at the close of his life that he had fought the good fight, and could say with full faith that he had finished the race (2 Timothy 4:7). I've been dwelling on that a lot lately - being purposeful and mindful of each moment and present for those little moments throughout the day when I could, and should, be savoring the life God has gifted to me. It's something I have to build within myself, because as most people who know me well would attest, I can be scattered and absorbed in a million things and completely miss something right in front of me.

I'm not perfect, and I won't ever be perfect. I'm going to miss the mark.

But I'm working on it. And at some point, I'm going to become an expert of something.

 Y'all just be ready. ;)

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