Fashion Friday, Black Friday Edition.

If you've been reading the blog long, you'll know I'm generally against hoodies in public and definitely against leggings as pants.

But it's black Friday, y'all.

And my leggings are fleece lined, because extra layers between my bum and the air are a good thing. Plus this is the longest hoodie ever created, so we're good on coverage. (I know you're delighted to hear that.) I have to be ready, though, since SoTX weather tends to turn abruptly chilly on black Friday. It's just a thing the weather does.

And even though I Christmas shopped way back in September when Target clearanced all the 2000-and-late toys (boom boom pow!), it's just a thing we do.

We stay up, we dress in unfashionable clothing, we gawk at the lines, we buy a couple of things we don't really need because they're a good deal.

It's how we roll.

Have a happy holiday weekend! :)

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