Fashion Friday

I've said this before, but there's something about kelly green that makes me want to pair it with brown, which, in turn, makes me feel like Robin Hood.


Life Hacks.

Ever since Pinterest started consuming way too much of my time, I've noticed 'life hacks' circulating the interwebs. If you're unfamiliar with the term, well, let me school you. ;)

They're basically simple, creative solutions to normal issues. Like so:

They fascinate me. They inspire me. They make me feel like I'm a common sense ninja.

I mean, seriously? Who knows this stuff besides MacGyver (and the other few million people who have seen this pin)?

Some of them make me feel really dumb (why haven't I thought of that?!?)

Some of them don't work. (My headlights, after a vigorous brushing, still have a little haze around the edges).

Some of them are way too time consuming. Yeah, probably not gonna do that. ;)

Some of them probably shouldn't be common knowledge.

I still love reading them, though. And I'm proud to say that - when I remember - I've tested several of these life hacks on my own.

Like a boss common sense ninja. :)

So... Do you have any life hacks of your own?



Fashion Friday, Black Friday Edition.

If you've been reading the blog long, you'll know I'm generally against hoodies in public and definitely against leggings as pants.

But it's black Friday, y'all.


The Shiny!

(Image from Design Your Wall)

Today? Oh, today I'm just wracking my brain trying to figure out how I can wallpaper our whole house with this wallpaper from Design Your Wall.



I love pretty hair.

I love having pretty hair.

What I don't love is making the time to have pretty hair on a constant basis.


Fashion Friday

Sometimes I'm totally uninspired by my closet.

Pinterest usually helps with that.

This outfit is a total knockoff. Well, not total. Just, you know, eerily similar. But really, the famous on Pinterest girl has WAY smaller thighs than I do, so it looks totally different. ;)

I do love my boots, though - I seriously can't get enough of this gorgeous cognac leather. I would rub my face on them daily if I didn't fear germs so much. ;)

Happy Friday!



Thumbprints in the wind.

(Image from Style Me Pretty via Pinterest)

Let's talk about this thumbprint trend, shall we?


Jill of some trades.

(Photo from bomobob via Pinterest)

The changing of the seasons is always invigorating to me. It's like a new chance, a fresh start. I'm a fall and spring type of gal, for that reason - I love change. I revel in new beginnings.

(Please note, in south Texas, the season is still changing. It's not really winter until, oh, say, January. Therefore, this is changing weather, even if you have snow at your house right now. [and if you DO have snow, please share!])


Fashion Friday

I would be derelict in my duties if I failed to inform you that I normally HATE black, white, and red.

The colors are fine. They go well together. They're generally accepted as a classy, timeless triad of colors. They're the world's most popular wedding colors since forever began.


Mad chops.

(Image from Coco+Kelly via Pinterest)

You're probably thinking this has nothing to do with, well, anything, but sweet nephew R calls his sidewalk chalks 'chops', which leads us, his oh-so-mature aunt and uncle, to make entirely too many puns based on the word 'chops'.

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