Fashion Friday

I'm a huge fan of peplum. The style naturally hides some problem areas for me (hello, hips and tummy that won't lay flat!) so I was super giddy when I unpacked a box and found a white peplum top with the tags on it. I mean, HELLO AWESOME!

Also, how ridiculous is it that I have had boxes packed for so long I don't recognize their contents? I mean, is it my memory failing? Is it the aluminum baking pans? IS IT THE COOKIES?!?

It's getting too real in here. I'm going to have to leave that trail alone. ;)

Happy Friday!



Fashion Friday

I refuse to refer to round-toe pumps as anything other than 'court shoes' thanks to my secret love of Kate Middleton and her classic style.

That girl, I tell you. She's got the princess thing going on.

I doubt she would wear her court shoes with a loud print dress from the Target clearance rack like I do, but hey, that's why she's the princess! ;)

 Happy Friday!



Fashion Friday

It's blazing hot. I'm at the neighborhood pool. In this heat, even SKIN is too many layers. But I do want to spare the world from that kind of image, so I wear a muumuu. I got it for $9 in a sheer stroke of luck at Ross.

My husband doesn't think it was luck at all. He HATES THE MUUMUU. He says his grandma wears them. Which is kind of true, yes.

I like to think of a muumuu as the perfect clothing item, though. Covers everything, touches nothing, as a friend used to say.

Happy Friday!



Some days, you just need to have church. :)

I love this song ('I Believe' by James Fortune and Fiya) but I'd never seen the music video. Y'all, I'm not even playing when I say I cried. And then played it again. I've loved the live version, loved the chord progressions, practiced the harmony... So how did I miss the music video? It's so raw and real.

Except for the Porche and Mercedes, but I'm chalking that up to an out-of-touch director.

Or, you know, somebody who doesn't live on the streets.

'Cause it's a hard knock life out there. Better ask somebody. ;)

I'm subjecting everyone in the family to a full viewing the following clip, and since you're all so wonderful, I'm subjecting you, too. ;)

Have a great week!



Fashion Happy Birthday USA Friday!

I'm not sure if it's the proliferation of shirts with embroidered cats waving American flags that turns me off of patriotic outfits or if I just spend more time panting in front of an air conditioner in July than I do planning my outfits, but I never purposefully dress in patriotic attire.

I was determined to show my patriotic side with my outfit this 4th, though. Unfortunately, layers of ANYTHING are a really bad idea on July in south Texas.

Good thing this outfit looked good with or without the blazer/torture chamber.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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