Like a Graduate!

Sweet Raiden's favorite phrase for a month solid was 'Like a BOSS!', hence the odd title of this post. Not at all related to graduation, but inspiration isn't always logical, right?

That's what I tell myself when I'm substituting things like pistachio pudding mix and cherries into a perfectly good cake mix at 2 am.

Or when I'm naming a blog post.

Here's me:

Here I am with my sweet mom, right in the middle of her fluttering around getting lunch ready for everyone:

Here's my lovely sister and that precious munchkin, baby K:

Here's Kingston inspecting my headgear up close and personal:

Here I am with my mom and dad:

And with my sweet in-laws:

Darryl and I with both sets of parents:

With my nephew loves:

And here's me, completely over all these pictures of me:

Instead, let's look at this adorable baby, wearing a 'future member of Phi Kappa Phi' shirt especially for his favorite auntie's graduation:

There, that's better, right?

The end. :)

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