Home is where the spray paint magic happens.

I know someone out there was waiting with bated breath for these pictures, right?


Ok, fine. Even if you weren't holding your breath, I'm showing you our little hideaway home, anyway. 

Nothing like a little forced home tour to make you feel special!

So.. You walk in and BAM. You see our larger than life heads. WELCOME. Dun dun dun.

For those crafty or interested, that's one of our wedding photos photoshopped into enormous proportions and printed at our local Office Depot for $24. I painstakingly measured and cut it into all those tiny rectangles before removing the stock poster and discovering that all those tiny rectangles aren't actually separate.

So, um, fail.

Moving on.

This is our living room. It's a work in progress. By this, I mean that eventually, I'd like the cable box to NOT perch precariously on the edge of the console table, and eventually, there should probably be some art on those walls. Yep. It's progressing.

Here's a better shot of those handsome curtains, painstakingly sewn by my mom.

And across the room, some ghetto fabulous art by yours truly.

You can't tell, but these are HUGE. They began life as horribly ugly beach paintings at a local discount store. There are no words to describe how ugly these were. Let's just say that I never want to see a beach in those colors, ever. They were marked down to $5 each, so I grabbed three and spray primed them.

They stayed that way until I reconfigured this room and had a big, blank wall (it's almost 20 feet long, so I'm not exaggerating here, not even a little. Ok, maybe a little) to deal with. I taped off the lines and spray painted the gray, then, because it turned out really bright and modern and my rug is orange and ivory, I watered down a chocolate brown acrylic paint, brushed it around the edges, and wiped it off with a paper towel.

I say this only so you know that seriously, you can do this. It's nothing fancy. 

On to the hallway, where an ill-planned thermostat cramped my decorating mojo. I framed that sucker and went along my merry gallery-walled way.

Just another way that my house is much more ghetto fabulous than yours.

Emphasis on the ghetto.

Sorry about that fabulous part.

Our dining room, kitchen, and back hall are open to each other. I bought a rug for the dining room and loved it so much, I bought a matching one for the kitchen. From there, everything took a turn toward mismatched brightness.

I don't actually have pictures of the kitchen, but I do have this cuteness:

And it was IN the kitchen, so bonus. As you might imagine, the mismatched brightness thing is a theme.

Our office/guestroom is severely lacking in terms of an actual bed for our guests, but we do have a desk. And pictures, so SCORE.

They're not crooked, I promise. We took forSTINKINGever making sure of it.

And our bedroom, which looks different now that we've added matching nightstands and lamps.

Ok. It barely looks different. But it's progress.

Another one of my ghetto fabulous projects, my jewelry holder:

In case you were wondering, it's a Goodwill picture frame, spray painted, filled in with window screen and a few wires for the necklaces. Super cheap, but it works.

It's between the bathroom and the closet, so my sweet honey just HAS TO DEAL WITH IT. You can imagine how thrilled he is to decorate our room with my accessories. ;)

That's all I have in my instagram feed, and I don't feel like getting up from the computer to take more, so that's where the tour ends. It's not done, not even close, but SOME OF US (side eye at the hubster) are loving the process of putting it together. Be prepared for play-by-play updates about our nest as I'm allowed to add to it, ok?

 You've been warned.

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