Like a Graduate!

Sweet Raiden's favorite phrase for a month solid was 'Like a BOSS!', hence the odd title of this post. Not at all related to graduation, but inspiration isn't always logical, right?

That's what I tell myself when I'm substituting things like pistachio pudding mix and cherries into a perfectly good cake mix at 2 am.

Or when I'm naming a blog post.

Here's me:

Here I am with my sweet mom, right in the middle of her fluttering around getting lunch ready for everyone:

Here's my lovely sister and that precious munchkin, baby K:

Here's Kingston inspecting my headgear up close and personal:

Here I am with my mom and dad:

And with my sweet in-laws:

Darryl and I with both sets of parents:

With my nephew loves:

And here's me, completely over all these pictures of me:

Instead, let's look at this adorable baby, wearing a 'future member of Phi Kappa Phi' shirt especially for his favorite auntie's graduation:

There, that's better, right?

The end. :)



Fashion Friday

Fashion mavens are saying that blazers add polish to any look. I tend to agree.

 Except I'd put it more like 'blazers hide things like safety pinned straps and throw up marks and make me look like I'm totally chic casual'. Or something. ;)

Also, is it a crime that I now live in maxi anything since I haven't been faithful to the gym in a few months? Maxi skirt, maxi dress, maxi tee, maxi self...

 Happy Friday!

Dress | Shoes | Blazer | Necklace | Earrings | Purse


Home is where the spray paint magic happens.

I know someone out there was waiting with bated breath for these pictures, right?


Ok, fine. Even if you weren't holding your breath, I'm showing you our little hideaway home, anyway. 

Nothing like a little forced home tour to make you feel special!

So.. You walk in and BAM. You see our larger than life heads. WELCOME. Dun dun dun.

For those crafty or interested, that's one of our wedding photos photoshopped into enormous proportions and printed at our local Office Depot for $24. I painstakingly measured and cut it into all those tiny rectangles before removing the stock poster and discovering that all those tiny rectangles aren't actually separate.

So, um, fail.

Moving on.

This is our living room. It's a work in progress. By this, I mean that eventually, I'd like the cable box to NOT perch precariously on the edge of the console table, and eventually, there should probably be some art on those walls. Yep. It's progressing.

Here's a better shot of those handsome curtains, painstakingly sewn by my mom.

And across the room, some ghetto fabulous art by yours truly.

You can't tell, but these are HUGE. They began life as horribly ugly beach paintings at a local discount store. There are no words to describe how ugly these were. Let's just say that I never want to see a beach in those colors, ever. They were marked down to $5 each, so I grabbed three and spray primed them.

They stayed that way until I reconfigured this room and had a big, blank wall (it's almost 20 feet long, so I'm not exaggerating here, not even a little. Ok, maybe a little) to deal with. I taped off the lines and spray painted the gray, then, because it turned out really bright and modern and my rug is orange and ivory, I watered down a chocolate brown acrylic paint, brushed it around the edges, and wiped it off with a paper towel.

I say this only so you know that seriously, you can do this. It's nothing fancy. 

On to the hallway, where an ill-planned thermostat cramped my decorating mojo. I framed that sucker and went along my merry gallery-walled way.

Just another way that my house is much more ghetto fabulous than yours.

Emphasis on the ghetto.

Sorry about that fabulous part.

Our dining room, kitchen, and back hall are open to each other. I bought a rug for the dining room and loved it so much, I bought a matching one for the kitchen. From there, everything took a turn toward mismatched brightness.

I don't actually have pictures of the kitchen, but I do have this cuteness:

And it was IN the kitchen, so bonus. As you might imagine, the mismatched brightness thing is a theme.

Our office/guestroom is severely lacking in terms of an actual bed for our guests, but we do have a desk. And pictures, so SCORE.

They're not crooked, I promise. We took forSTINKINGever making sure of it.

And our bedroom, which looks different now that we've added matching nightstands and lamps.

Ok. It barely looks different. But it's progress.

Another one of my ghetto fabulous projects, my jewelry holder:

In case you were wondering, it's a Goodwill picture frame, spray painted, filled in with window screen and a few wires for the necklaces. Super cheap, but it works.

It's between the bathroom and the closet, so my sweet honey just HAS TO DEAL WITH IT. You can imagine how thrilled he is to decorate our room with my accessories. ;)

That's all I have in my instagram feed, and I don't feel like getting up from the computer to take more, so that's where the tour ends. It's not done, not even close, but SOME OF US (side eye at the hubster) are loving the process of putting it together. Be prepared for play-by-play updates about our nest as I'm allowed to add to it, ok?

 You've been warned.



The Rundown, Circa 2012.

It feels like light years.

I took an 8 month break from blogging and I'm somehow at a loss to explain what's been going on around here. Not that we haven't been busy, mind you - we've definitely been that. It's more a problem of where to begin.

If you skip back almost a year (and just a few posts down), you'll know that we had the opportunity to invest in our sweet nephews from September to April of this year. It was the biggest challenge of our young marriage to remain sane throughout the process, but I think we managed (I hear that time is the only sure way to find out if you're really crazy or not) and most importantly, we're still closely connected to them. They're with my mom and dad and sister (and sweet baby K!) and living it up in the country with plenty of room to add onto their pallet treehouse.

God blessed me with a great job; Not great in pay, but the work itself and the people there - plus, the mission fit me perfectly. Then, it was taken away. Let me say right here that this isn't the first time this has happened. It's never happened exactly like this, but God has moved me from places where I thought I'd be FOREVER, and it is a deep and painful process. So for those who know my history well, this situation may bring up shades of my past.

It's like there's a lesson I'm supposed to learn, right? That would be well and good if the lesson were clear. I'd be more than happy to get this one out of the way! But I'm abiding and praying that God makes this story the one that stands out as a pivot point, where things work out for the good of this gal who loves Him.

I got into a great workout routine. Lost almost 30 lbs! Then I got into an eating and not-hitting-the-gym routine and I'm back up 9 lbs. *ahem* I'm nothing if not consistently inconsistent. I'm getting back on track, though, because we have a great neighborhood pool and I would really hate to scare small children when I take the nephews to swim.

Speaking of that pool, we moved into a new place in April. It's not much, but we're working on creating a little homey haven here. Also, I'm working on my husband's last nerve shopping for house things. So clearly, there's a lot of work happening here. Pictures to come!

I graduated, finally. And as much as I didn't want to do it, I walked the stage. After 10 years in school, I did it. I got my.. 4-year degree.

Clearly, I am the world's slowest college student, right?

In all fairness to my poor, overworked brain, I decided as a young person to work and do school part-time, because that's totally realistic. Or, you know, NOT AT ALL.

By the way, if you're in the position to decide between school or work and part time school, take note - that 4 year Bachelor's degree stretches a lot further than four years when it's part time.

Just, you know. Trying to be helpful.

I'm studying for the GRE and plan to enter the MBA program as soon as they'll have me, so this degree isn't a final destination. More like a stepping stone. I'm learning to appreciate those, though. The first two degrees (Associate degrees) I never even bothered to register for because they 'weren't important'. But without them, I wouldn't be this far.

It's the CLIIIIIIIIIIIIMB. Cue Miley Cyrus, during the bridge after the second chorus. Not that I know the song or anything. ;)

So I'm still a student, still crazy in love with my crazy husband, still an overbearing auntie who gives too many forehead kisses, still unemployed (although I WASN'T, I'll have you know), and still battling the bulge. 

Basically, it's just like old times!



Hey again!

Hey, webernet! I'm dusting off the ol' blog and getting back into the habit of oversharing my life. Cue the gasps of excitement, right? ;) I'll be working on becoming functional again this next week, so keep checking with me, ok?

Happy, happy weekend!

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