Fashion Sick Friday.

I know, I know.

It's Saturday.

I have impeccable timing, except for not! ;)

What I DO have is a particularly nasty stomach flu, which has made me both unwilling and unable to leave my house. And obviously, that means I haven't been out of my pajamas much, because really, who gets dressed at home?

A far more glamorous wife than I, my husband might think. {But never say, he's much too sweet and classy and I'd kick his tail. ;)}

I had a few unavoidable errands Friday, so I did my best to hide the circles under my eyes, the frizzball 'do, and the chipping paint on my fourth left toenail.

Also, this was clean. ;)

Have a great weekend! I'm hoping to kick this bug in the seat and be back to blogging like a normal bloggite soon.

So consider yourself warned. ;)


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