Cute As A Button.

Things are a little crazy in our family lately, mostly because of a lack of sleep and a general posessiveness over Oreo cookies.

But also because we have a precious little bundle of joy in the form of my lil' sister's new son, Kingston.

I know. He's already precious and you haven't even seen him, right?

Well, let me fix that for you.

Here he is, a mere 1 hour old and already stealin' hearts:

One day old:

Two days old:

Three days old [and getting tired of all these pictures!]:

Four days old:

Five days old [and REALLY getting tired of all these pictures]:

Six days old:

Seven days old [and being loved on by his enamoured big cousin, Raiden]:

..And he's now eleven days old and has already had his newborn photo shoot, so you can imagine the sheer volume of cuteness contained on my hard drive, but I'll stop there, because every star needs his privacy. ;)

Congratulations, Leah! We love you and baby K with all our hearts. :)


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