Fashion Friday

I think the summer heat is starting to bake my brain, because I've already started pulling out cool weather clothing and wearing it. It's my big, bad rebellious statement against the sun and heat and drought and general discomfort. Regardless of the fact that it's been triple digit weather EVERY DAY.

EVERY DAY IN CAPS, just in case you missed that.


Signs of the Times.

Have you ever seen an altered sign? 'Cause I see one like this every day. We live in a rural area, which is why it's especially funny that our stop sign has 'hammertime' spray-stenciled across the bottom.



Fashion Friday

Sometimes inspiration hits in the randomest of ways.

Sometimes I see a picture of a random person I don't even know and think 'HEY! Sweet 'fit. I could totally replicate that!'

[Germany vs. Spain, FIFA World Cup 2010]

Except for my brain has never used the term 'sweet 'fit'. Until now, apparently.

Anyway, my version of this outfit was created almost entirely from Target clearance racks, which I consider a total win.

So there's that.

Happy weekend! :)

Skinnies | Tank | Shirt | Scarf | Booties | Bag | Earrings | Necklace | Ring



Cute As A Button.

Things are a little crazy in our family lately, mostly because of a lack of sleep and a general posessiveness over Oreo cookies.

But also because we have a precious little bundle of joy in the form of my lil' sister's new son, Kingston.

I know. He's already precious and you haven't even seen him, right?

Well, let me fix that for you.


Fashion Friday.

Whew! That week went by quickly.

Since last Friday, where I was dying {almost} of a malicious disease {stomach flu}, I have

1) recovered {by the grace of God, naturally}
2) become an auntie to nephew #4
3) been so uninteresting, I can't even think of a notable 3rd point.


Fashion Sick Friday.

I know, I know.

It's Saturday.

I have impeccable timing, except for not! ;)


My Little Pet... Peeves.

This post is killin' me today.

And the comments?

I'm DYING to death laughing.
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