Let Us Spray.

Do you spray tan?

I do, and I'm kind of mixed about the whole thing. I feel great the day after, and sometimes, for several days after, but you know what they say... Nothing lasts forever!

Except pictures that you upload to the internets, all you kiddos with too much internet time and technology on your hands, EXCEPT THOSE. Those can never be deleted.

Also, the love of God. It lasts forever.

But not spray tans. They do NOT. No matter how carefully I exfoliate before, moisturize after, and spray every evening before bed with my little aerosol spray tan can from the drugstore.

And it's pricey, especially in our small town, where there is all of ONE Mystic tanning booth.

And not much else. Except cows and rednecks, y'all. Cows and rednecks.

I'm curious, though - is it really safer than tanning beds to spray chemicals on oneself? I haven't seen much research, aside from all the headlines screaming TANNING BEDS KILL BABIES and things of that inflammatory nature. But the chemicals can't be good, either, right?

I'm so confused. And pale, so I need answers soon. I guess I'll be hitting up the Googles hardcore for the next 37 seconds.

Check back soon.

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