Hair Today, Hopefully Not Gone Tomorrow! :)

I'm kind of a hair fanatic.

Ew, that sounded weird.

Let me clarify that statement. I'm not secretly harboring a crazy hair fetish, I'm just really, really picky about my hair. I deliberate for weeks over color changes, research shampoos and conditioners with passionate commitment to quality, and spend too much time watching youtube tutorials on hairstyling.

I used to hire out to do hair for formal events, too, but after a few questionable experiences, I decided that my hair passion doesn't extend to the heads of strangers, especially since I can't personally vouch for everyone's grooming habits. I've touched some nasty hair in my time, and I decided to give it up instead of wearing gloves the whole time, because RUDE.

Now I just do my own hair for fun.

And look at youtube videos about hair, too, but I think we've established that.

I've done a whole lot of heat damage to my hair, between rolling it, flat ironing it, and blow drying it. So I'm trying a few different ways to curl my hair into submission without heat. My hair is naturally curly, but I'm not keen on my natural curl. I prefer a loose, beachy wave.

Here's what I've found so far.. Anyone have another method worth trying? If you have any tricks that work for you, do feel free to help a sister out and share the hair love. :)

How To:  Curl hair without heat using an elastic headband.

How To: Curl hair without heat using a sock.
[I think this looks adorable as a hairstyle - but my sock bun skills are a work in progress.]

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