Fashion Revamped Friday

This is a variation of my go to outfit - do you have one of those? Ripped jeans [pegged in the summer, skinny in the winter] + shirt + boyfriend blazer. Accessorize and voila!

I'm not letting go of this trend without a fight, BELIEVE YOU ME.

Also, I just need to point out a few things about this outfit, aside from the fact that I probably need to branch out a little bit.

1. This outfit looks REALLY boring when I lay it all out.
2. Color blocking probably isn't my fave. I crave mixed up colors and pop accessories.
3. Turquoise and white make me look tan, which is no small feat, considering I'm currently hovering at my palest shade, somewhere between 'pasty' and 'scary'.
4. I wear heels with jeans a whole lot.
5. I have worn a variation of this outfit with heels, flats, gladiators, wedges, AND boots. Which proves my first point, this is my go-to look.
6. Boyfriend blazers are heaven sent in terms of hip coverage.
7. Boyfriend blazers are not heaven sent in terms of summer overheatedness.

I'll leave you with those gems.

Also, I'm switching up my source lists from now on, ok? :) Since I usually can't find my actual clothes lying about the internets, these items are simply similar to my own, and often, ridiculously expensive. I would NEVER [barring becoming a sudden billionaire] spend $375 on sunglasses, like in last week's outfit, or $500 on a pair of gladiators similar to my white ones purchased from Target for less than $20. SO - if you really love an item, I'm providing the links, but without all the fanfare, because, really, this is about putting together an outfit, not spending preposterous amounts of money on something that so quickly fades.

Feel me? :)

Have a happy Friday, y'all!


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