Fashion Late Friday Monday. ;)


Way to stick with a tradition, I know.

I would say that I was far too busy with my VERY EXCITING life to make sure ye olde blog kept posting for me, but that'd be false.

Unless you consider various and sundry errands, bill paying, cooking, and dishes VERY EXCITING. 'Cause that's how it went down.

Also, I'm ashamed to say there was a lot of jammie action in my weekend - I LIVED in yoga pants.

Since I didn't want to terrify small children, though, I did clean up for the public. ;) Please note that this dress would have been perfect for the look I was going for, if I actually owned it. Which would be GREAT. But I don't, so I used a funky old thrifted skirt and an Old Navy t-shirt for a similar effect.

Dress - Les Nouvelles, $253
Gold gladiators - Guiseppe Zanotti, $660
Striped tote bag - Kate Spade, $325
Knot earrings - Simply Soles, $32
Opaque stone ring - Forever21, $5.80
Wonder woman cuff - Charm & Chain, $175
Seaside necklace - Calypso St. Barth, $95

Hope you had an awesome weekend! ;)




This is cracking me up today!

It's sad, but true - these days, people live so on edge, trying to be prepared for any situation, capable and world-weary and suspicious. That kind of pressure can turn a simple, sweet gesture into more grief than before the kindness ever happened.

Let down your guard and live a little. It feels nice to take a break from cynicism. ;)

And by the way, honey? I won't be mad at ALL if you decide to bring flowers home.

Just so we're clear.




Fashion Friday!

Flowy tops + fitted bottoms = MY BEST FASHION FRIEND.

Chiffon top - $215, Reiss
Pegged jeans - $100, Jane Norman
Cognac sandals - $100, Chinese Laundry
Floral bag - $70, Miss Selfridge
Stone necklace - $195, Charm & Chain
Gold feather earrings - $18, Piperlime
Ribbon and rhinestone bracelet - $78, Couture Candy

Happy Friday y'all! :)



Art for your fingers. ;)

I found this easy, FABULOUS nail art how-to from Passion Nail Art via Pinterest and resolved to do it VERY SOON.

When I can figure out the French instructions, that is. ;)

I know I've got all the ingredients....

Nail polish, check. Newspaper, check. Vodka, uhh... Nope.

Well, once I figure out a good alternative for the vodka, I think I can get the hang of the method, too.

Expect to be reading my fingernails shortly. ;)

Happy Monday!



Fashion Friday.

Since I started doing Fashion Friday posts, I've used several of the same items in my outfits. 'Cause y'all, I don't have an endless closet.

Posting only one outfit a week helps me stretch what I have, but trust me, my wardrobe has very definite boundaries.

Also, some days I don't feel like changing purses or putting up my shoes. And that dictates how my next outfit will go. ;)

White shift dress - $96, John Lewis
Grey drape cardi - $156, Karen Millan
Orange suede pumps - $128, Topshop
Jade leather bag - $785, Mulberry
Stacking wavy bracelets - $78, Nordstrom
Gold nugget ring - $427, Not Just A Label
Glass bead earrings - $1490, Julie Wolfe
Glass multi-bead necklace - $395, Net-a-porter




iPhone Photography. :)

Let's talk more about cameras!

More specifically, phone cameras. Can I just say I love technology? 'Cause WOW. We can make our gadgets and gizmos do ANYTHING nowadays.

And I'm trying to do better about picture-taking, honest, I am.

It's a whole lot easier with sweet nephew Ray around, too, because he's so stinking adorable, I can't help but take pictures of everything he does/wears.

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