We may be crazy, die-hard fans have a little love in our hearts for the San Antonio Spurs, I'm just sayin'.

Although we're out of the playoffs and our dreams have been crushed to smithereens ONCE AGAIN [come on, guys, GET US A RING!] we do have proof that earlier in the season, there were happy times.

Hopeful times.

Times where we saw a championship in our 2011 future.

Also, we got a good deal on tickets over New Year's weekend, which happens to be little sister's birthday.

So we went. And with 4 picture-taking cell phones and 2 digital cameras among us, we walked away with not a single picture of our own, because we are just that AWESOME AT CAPTURING A MOMENT.

I blame it entirely on the game. ;)

Anyway, we did have the option of the professional photo taken of us at the entrance to the normal seats [we went nosebleed section, ballin' on a budget and all] but none of us were willing to pay $49.99 to download it.

Then I realized that I can count on one hand the photos that have been taken of my husband and I. And it's our first year of marriage. And I'm about to highlight my hair, so it's almost like I never even HAD dark brown hair courtesy of my awesome hairstylist [holla!].

So I embarked unknowingly on a 3-month-long battle to give these people my money.


I have NEVER dealt with a retail organization so dead set on NOT SELLING THEIR PRODUCT. It took me 3 months, 2 payments, coupons, and countless emails to get this photo.


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