A Royal To-Do.

It was all over the news for weeks. Every morning, while I worked out, the tiny, flickering tvs in front of each treadmill buzzed with speculation and commentaries on the royal family.

You don't have to imagine how OVER IT I was, especially after a non-stop weekend of reviews of The Dress.

I even tweeted my irritation Friday morning as the shindig was in full swing - that I wish them all the happiness in the world, truly, but I'm not British [although I've been thisclose to moving to the UK for forever and ever, so there's that] and I'm really uncomfortable with all this coverage of a wedding when things like massive flooding, wildfires, and drought are happening a little closer to home.

Then I clicked over to my favorite online newspaper, which happens to be London-based. Then I saw the dress from every angle. And the guests in their finery. And carriages and vintage cars and lovely flowers and cake, and my romantic little heart did a double beat.

Ahh, love.

Speaking of love, can a sister just admire the fire out of Katherine/Kate's look? GORGEOUS. Simple, elegant, modest without being prudish or hideous, the dress was a dream. Her makeup? Perfect. Glowing. She did it herself, which makes her that much more likeable. The hair? Oh, let's just say I'm youtubing 'flowing locks tutorials' this week.

And we'll leave it at that.

I'm funny about weddings. I think that they're intensely personal - or should be, anyway. A wedding is the ceremonial upheaval of two lives. Two people pledging to EACH OTHER before God that they wil love, honor, and cherish. Not to their friends, not to their community, and certainly not to the world. On the day your life changes completely, the last thing you need is the eyes of everyone on the planet on YOU. I mean, pressure much?

[I don't just say that because D and I had a family-only wedding, truly, I feel like it's a sacred, private moment.]

I'm also funny about hero worship. See, as quaint and lovely as the royal family is, I don't admire them because of their bloodlines. Heroes, to me, are the ones who show selfless bravery under pressure. Not the ones who are rich or born to palaces and titles.

So in theory, I'm not really a royal wedding fan. But in practice, you'd better believe I'm checking out the pictures and tutorials and blog posts.

One of my friends said this about the wedding: 'girls should learn from Kate two things: be friends with your man before you jump into a relationship. Get to know him. And don't marry him until he makes you feel like you're his princess.'

And that? That, I can definitely throw some rice at.

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