Preserve us, O Lord!

I don't think king David had this in mind when he talked about the Lord's preserving hand...

Mightynest has a post about additives in our snack foods that boggles the mind - particularly since the additives have already been addressed in other countries by the same companies peddling them in ours.

There's a lot to be said about taking care about what you put into your body, and even more to be said about being mindful of what you're teaching your kids - or doing to them, in terms of the effects of these products.

I'm no conspiracy theorist [I don't think little ol' me is important enough in the grand scheme of things to have Big Brother checking me out on a daily basis] but I do know marketing. And I know bottom line and profits and cutting corners on quality to inflate those profits, because I've seen it happen up close and personal like.

Somebody has to kick these retailers in the seat before they'll listen. A lot of somebodies. Enough somebodies that their bottom line [teehee!] is affected and change occurs.

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