I Went To The Goodwills..

Remember when you were younger and car rides consisted of games like 'I went to the store and bought.. ' in alphabetical order?

....Wait, that wasn't just me, right? ;)

We all know how much I love cheap things, but have I mentioned lately how deep runs the love in my heart for thrift stores? HAVE I? Because let's just say, a love that deep and true is rare.

That might be why I just HAPPENED to be in Goodwill the other day and just HAPPENED to find some great fiesta service pieces for a few dollars and a whole set of huge black and white decorative pillows for our brand-new bed and, and, and....

After I bought a backseat's worth of things we absolutely need for our house we don't yet have, lovingly wrapped it, and packed it into our bursting-at-the-seams storage unit, I realized that I really should have taken pictures like a good blogger, but that would have made far too much sense.

Since I'm on a spending freeze because we have neither the space nor the house to decorate, I'm trying to be good. HOWEVER, nothing shall separate me from the love of Goodwills, so in lieu of buying more awesome stuff we don't need, I decided to shop for YOU.

I know. Benevolent of me, right?

Here's a few things I WOULD have purchased if I had the room - but that COULD be yours, you know, if you live in town and have need of them. ;)

You may or may not be able to see the Greek key motif carved into the center panel of this chair back, but it is a HUGE component in current decor circles. Trust me - you need a little Greek key pattern in your life to be hip these days. This chair was part of a set of 6 and priced at $6.99.

I like the color of the wood, but I can also imagine this chair in white - either way, I think it would pair well with a blue and white trellis-patterned seat.

And where else can you find a set of 6 dining chairs for less than $50?

NOWHERE, that's where.

These little ice cream cups are darling. The set obviously started life as a 5-piece service, but lost one along the way. But really, how many times do you need to serve ice cream in adorable little cups like these to more than 4 people at a time? It was priced at $1.99. I wanted it, I 'm not going to lie.

There were 5 of these decanters available. I cannot imagine the volume of alcohol one would consume on average that would make owning 5 matching decanters necessary, but I think it would be so clever to use these for everyday items, like dish soap. Fancy, right? And $.99 each. :)

I pinned a how-to for an adorable necktie-to-necklace DIY that I envisioned this tie being perfect for, but I didn't think I'd actually get it done in a reasonable amount of time, so I left it there. Even though it was only $.25.

It was an exercise in BEING THE BIGGER PERSON.

I may or may not be photo shopping [haha! that would be the thrift store way, not the Adobe way] a lot more in the future, because it's almost as satisfying as buying the things I see and a lot better for my marriage. ;)


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