We may be crazy, die-hard fans have a little love in our hearts for the San Antonio Spurs, I'm just sayin'.


Fashion Birthday Friday.

'Cause it's my day, I get to feel pretty, oh-so-pretty, right? ;)


Dangerous Curves.

Our society swings wildly between a 'love your body' ideal and a pervasive conviction that a slender, nubile body is the sum of perfection.


I Went To The Goodwills..

Remember when you were younger and car rides consisted of games like 'I went to the store and bought.. ' in alphabetical order?

....Wait, that wasn't just me, right? ;)


Fashion Friday.

Or, that 70s show castoffs.

Either one.

A flare leg is great for thick [read: chubster] girls like myself, and fitted bottoms with a flowy top gives great balance to an outfit. Oh, and platforms? GREAT for making short legs look long and lean.

And that is simply all I have to say about that. ;)

Reiss shirt - $115, John Lewis
Philip Lim flares - $556, Net-a-porter
Metallic platforms - $595, Net-a-porter
Copper tote - $475, Zappos
Feather necklace - $75, Max and Chloe
Stacking bangles - $600, Pret a Beaute
Orange/brown stone ring - $429, Max and Chloe
Peacock earrings - $13, Wet Seal

Happy Friday! :)



One Better.

I just happened to be browsing my favorite links and saw this post at incourage - all I can say is READ IT THIS INSTANT YOU WILL BE MOVED.


Finals! :)

Firstly, I would like to say that this graphic made me giggle.


Faaaashion Friday.

Simple. Summery. Comfortable. Emphasis on the comfortable. ;)


Sweeter'n Yogurt Pie!

So basically, you just take 2 containers of strawberry yogurt, 1 container of cool whip, and some strawberries. Then you mix 'em up, dump them into 1 graham cracker crust, and chill.


Fashion Friday.

I briefly considered putting together a fancy outfit for church and calling it a royal wedding fashion friday in honor of Monday's post, except that I really did miss that boat by a week.

So there's that.


Preserve us, O Lord!

I don't think king David had this in mind when he talked about the Lord's preserving hand...


A Royal To-Do.

It was all over the news for weeks. Every morning, while I worked out, the tiny, flickering tvs in front of each treadmill buzzed with speculation and commentaries on the royal family.
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