The S Word.

I've waited for weeks to write about this, simply because it's such a difficult subject to discuss with dignity and also candid honesty. There are highly divided, constantly bickering camps on either side of the line.

Nope, I'm not talking about the Middle East.

I totally had you fooled, though, right? ;)

I was reading the newspaper [once upon a time, of course] and happened across an article by a longtime sex therapist. Normally, articles by s-word therapists aren't of interest to me, but this one had my wheels turning. Not so much in a whir of opinions, surprisingly enough, but in a contemplative loop that still has me thinking.

This author stated that sex isn't sexy anymore - that our world is so filled with references, innuendos, and outright displays of sensuality, people are not only desensitized, but indifferent and uninterested.

All the Christians reading this will nod sagely in agreement, just like I did; we've been aware of the dangers of overexposure to sin. We know the Bible verses about lust leading to sin and sin leading to death [James 1:15] and the stories of mighty people brought to their knees by moving their boundaries an inch to have them suddenly slip away like quicksand [see: King David].

But the article has nothing to do with Christian morals - in fact, it points to Hollywood figures who have publicly renounced sex.

My second thought, after the obvious conclusion that our world is going south in a handbag, was this; well, it could be a good thing that people are turning away from promiscuity, right? The article notes that even teenagers, typically hotbeds of raging hormones, are becoming indifferent to the s-word. [Not the word, but the act, just so we're clear.] We read/see/hear about it in a medicinal, informative or even pornographic way, depending on our lives and circumstances. It's no longer an 'enigmatic, turbulent hybrid' of desire and love and commitment.

It's old news now.

I was raised by a very, VERY old-fashioned mama. One who informed ten-year-old me that sex was when married people 'inserted tab A into slot B' and left it at that. You can imagine how confused and curious I was about what that could possibly mean.

You might also imagine how I have since teased her mercilessly about her oh-so-helpful conversation. ;)

I don't think that erasing the s-word and keeping our children clueless and possibly inventing laser goggles that zap bad words and tawdry references before they cross our vision is the answer. Nor do I think that making light of the act is wise. Ignorance is dangerous and damaging. As leaders, parents, teachers, and mentors in a world steeped in over-the-top indecency, you must be ready to address the next 'rush' or titillating, edgy 'revolution'.

If you're still harping on sex, you're way, way behind.

A friend and youth pastor recently wrote a review of Odd People, an up-and-coming band from LA comprised of 10 skate junkies, all in their late teens. Definitely hotbeds of hormones right there. ;) Their music is wildly popular, and they've caught the attention [and possibly the mega-funded touring platform] of the likes of Lady Gaga. Their lyrics are built around shock value. I quote,

"Murder, rape, torture, necrophilia, misogyny,  and any other unspeakable act that pops into their minds is unapologetically addressed by this crew, the majority of which are not yet old enough to legally consume alcohol. Anarchy, nihilism, random acts of violence and destruction, and even nazism (remember, these are black teens) are common themes in much of the groups music."

The boundaries aren't being blurred or nudged. They're disappearing faster than we can repair them. This quote sums up the issue concisely,

"Quite frankly, I don’t know what it says about the world that we don’t already believe. Depraved, depressed, and disturbed. Perhaps Odd Future only serves as a blaring, in our face, primal scream that reminds us that the desperation of the world around us is becoming more and more intense."

We already know the Answer. I hope that we have the wherewithal to respond accordingly.

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