Fashion Friday.

I'm going to be really straightforward here and admit that this dress is a mistake for me right now, in terms of a flowy, kaftan-type tent of a dress on an already oversized gal.


From Her To Us.

I stumbled [I actually just typed 'stumpled', Heaven help me today]


Hello, Adorable!

Hi, precious little key holder that I'd probably forget to use. [You might say I have a finely-honed talent for losing keys]. I want to make you very, very soon.


Fashion Friday.

You can take the girl out of Texas, but never the Texas out of the girl.

Also, I love that western boots are NEVER out of season here. There ARE perks to living in Texas, y'all.


Hot & Steamy.


My [no boys allowed] gym has a sauna that I've been trying to acclimate myself to - and I have to say, even though I know with my brain that saunas are AWESOME for water weight and flushing out toxins, with my hide, I HATE THE THING. Really, really, really hate it.


Music Monday.

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Happy Monday! I hope that, if you're reading this in the US, you made the deadline for your taxes and won't have to hide from the government in a cave and live off of tinned sardines and day-old bread.


Fashion Friday.

Is there an age limit to Peter Pan collars? You know, like 'no short skirts after a certain age', 'neon is not flattering after the age of 20', or 'muu-muus are for grandmas'?


For The Love Of Salmon Cakes.

Y'all should know by now that I am SOMEWHAT A FAN of all things food related. It does my pudgy little heart the best kind of good to hunt down new recipes to botch try out on my loving family.


Sweet Valley Memories.

Oh my goodness, y'all.

If this image doesn't bring back memories for me, I just don't know what could [unless it involves a choir. Or Aussie hair spray. Don't ask.]


Fashion Friday

Let me be very honest and say that, as much as I love fashion, there are some days that I can't be bothered to change out of my pajamas.


The S Word.

I've waited for weeks to write about this, simply because it's such a difficult subject to discuss with dignity and also candid honesty. There are highly divided, constantly bickering camps on either side of the line.


Dear Valued Guest...

This is an open letter I wrote after a particularly trying day at my former side job. I never posted it because, well, it's kind of a rant. And that's just mean. ;)


Fashion Friday - WOW, It's APRIL!

Ok, y'all. Time for the official rundown again. I mentioned last week that I'd be adding links to the pictured products in the interest of the public [shopping] good.
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