I Heart Him. :)

Sometimes this man I married blows me out of the water with a heartfelt text or a long, sweet hug. I mean - that's my LOVE LANGUAGE, y'all.

We learned that from Dr. Gary Chapman. ;)

He's a tremendous husband, really. I don't just say that when we're getting along, either - I honestly look forward to every day with him. We're just THAT CRAZY about each other. ;)

On a side note, whoever coined the phrase 'the honeymoon stage' was crazy. It took us a lot longer than our first week of marriage to get things running like they should.

You don't just jump from being single and connected at the hip to married and entertwined at the heart, I'm just sayin'.

But there's more ways to make me googly eyed, and he knows it. That's why I got this lovely Coach bag in the mail:

Yep. He pretty much rocks.

And no, you can't borrow him. ;)

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