Green Things.

Are you green?

I have to say that, as much as I want the best for our planet, I'm not green-minded for eco purposes. I'm all about stretching the budget, and that means a whole of recycling, reusing, and rethinking.

Naturally, I'm all over that - except for giving up my paper towels because a girl's gotta have some luxuries and maybe some clean mirrors and windows, too.

I thought this article about the cost of 'going green' was fascinating, though - I've seen a lot of 'green' ideas that seem to cost much more, both in cold, hard cash and in energy [which, I absolutely believe, equals cold, hard cash in importance] spent.

I try [and sometimes succeed] to approach the issue with a lot of balance and a little skepticism. I'm totally for anything that reduces my energy output, and I do appreciate that our earth is a precious resource from God and we shouldn't abuse it out of our own laziness.

But I also drive an SUV because I live in the country and it's kind of necessary.

Also, I feel like I'm doing a whole lot of good when I reuse my plastic grocery bags as wastebasket liners.

So there, all you judgemental eco-warriors with your designer cloth grocery bags and gas guzzling SUVs. Stick THAT in your cloth grocery bag. ;)

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