Do you remember the group 'Anointed'?

Or were you, unlike me, not slightly obsessed with choir and gospel music? Because there's a very real possibility that I missed out on pop culture influences due to a whole lot of choir practice.

Anyway, I loved them, I was thrilled when they were featured on Veggie Tales' 'Jonah' because, well, that was the BEST SONG ON THE MOVIE! I jammed. Even when the lyrics turned to the topic of whale digestion.

Sweet nephew Ray and I were browsing the YouTubes the other day and came across the Jonah movie. [yep, in case you didn't know, the whole movie is available on YouTube, so get your fix now!] Since he thoroughly enjoyed the veggie angel choir, I decided to see if he'd be as enamored with the original crew. I'm sad to say that he wasn't quite as engaged, probably because they aren't really animated vegetables [he's a huge fan] but he did a little bebop around the room anyway.

That's my boy.

In honor of our fine musical tastes, I give you... THROOOOWBACK!

Yep. Pure Jesus jamming right there. Since their website mentions a 'new release' that came out in 2005, it seems the group isn't active at the moment, though. To which I say... Sadness!

[photo credit: Anointed Online]

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