I Heart Him. :)

Sometimes this man I married blows me out of the water with a heartfelt text or a long, sweet hug. I mean - that's my LOVE LANGUAGE, y'all.



Do you remember the group 'Anointed'?

Or were you, unlike me, not slightly obsessed with choir and gospel music? Because there's a very real possibility that I missed out on pop culture influences due to a whole lot of choir practice.


Fashion Friday

Interview outfit #2,976.. Or thereabouts. I could go down in world record books for the sheer volume of interviews I've experienced. Thankfully, this interview was for a job that fits me to a TEE. :)


This Is Why I'm NOT..

...This is why I decided to hang up my apron and reclaim my weekends.


Fashion Friday.

A little bit of nautical in my life!

[Since I don't know anyone called Monica, I've revised the song to suit me. No offense, Monicas of the world.]


Fight Club.

In the interest of keeping it really, really real, I have to say this about marriage.

Every union has it's disagreements. D and I had two - TWO - major fights in the year we dated before we married.

And twelve the week after the honeymoon.


Fashion Friday

Or, as I almost typed, Fashion Springday.

I kid you not. Not even a little.

I've worn this outfit with a knee length white pencil skirt, and I've also dressed it down with flats. But here's this week's version, in honor of the warm weather because SPRING IS IN THE AIR! ;)



                                                       [photo courtesy of craftzine.com]

That's it.

I've been won over.

I heart the Ragamuffin clan - not that we know each other, you understand, but I have a feeling we would get along famously if we did.

Call me when you're in town, y'all. ;)

Anyway, so I've read the Mr. and the Mrs. via their blogs for awhile now, and they always have the coolest things going on. Like, you know, traveling and moving and repurposing furniture and creating awesome family memories.

And cheese. There's cheese, too.

Heather [since we're on a first name basis and all.. ;)] posted instructions for homemade ricotta cheese [plus some yummy bruschetta, which, YES PLEASE!] that look both easy and completely Rache-like, since I am a FAN OF ALL THINGS CHEESE.

To put it mildly.

Plus, I love using ricotta in my lasagna and it really is expensive to purchase and difficult to find in this little country town of mine.

But milk? We do have us some whole milk around these parts [thanks to hubs winning out the argument - I'm a 2% gal, myself] and buttermilk is pretty easy to find, too.

So now you know. Expect complaints from the fam to follow, because, as all growing boys know, CHEESE AND BREAD IS NOT A MEAL.

They have so much to learn. ;)


Green Things.

Are you green?

I have to say that, as much as I want the best for our planet, I'm not green-minded for eco purposes. I'm all about stretching the budget, and that means a whole of recycling, reusing, and rethinking.

Naturally, I'm all over that - except for giving up my paper towels because a girl's gotta have some luxuries and maybe some clean mirrors and windows, too.

I thought this article about the cost of 'going green' was fascinating, though - I've seen a lot of 'green' ideas that seem to cost much more, both in cold, hard cash and in energy [which, I absolutely believe, equals cold, hard cash in importance] spent.

I try [and sometimes succeed] to approach the issue with a lot of balance and a little skepticism. I'm totally for anything that reduces my energy output, and I do appreciate that our earth is a precious resource from God and we shouldn't abuse it out of our own laziness.

But I also drive an SUV because I live in the country and it's kind of necessary.

Also, I feel like I'm doing a whole lot of good when I reuse my plastic grocery bags as wastebasket liners.

So there, all you judgemental eco-warriors with your designer cloth grocery bags and gas guzzling SUVs. Stick THAT in your cloth grocery bag. ;)



Fashion Friday.

Some days feel like funky days. ;) Big hair and lots of accessories are pretty much a given, right?

Black off-the-shoulder dress - Alloy.com, $25
Zebra leggings - Claire's, $14.99
TV Purse - TruffleShuffle - $49
Lime/hot pink scarves - gifted
Plastic bangles - Plato's Closet, $1 each [except for the Bieber one, borrowed]
Lightning bolt earrings - IWOOT
Motorcycle boots - Dillard's, $59.99

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