Wow, wow, not wubbzy!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, both because I've been insanely busy and because my auto-post feature decided to turn all of my posts into drafts instead of scheduled posts.

*ahem* Blogger, I'm going to need you to stay on your game for me, that's all I'm saying.

I'm in the process of reorganizing and re-editing some of the posts, so you'll see them popping up here and there, because it makes a lot more sense to start from here than to backdate everything and confuse everyone, right?


I AM going to go out on a limb here and say that posts are probably going to be sparse around here for a few more weeks until life slows down just a teensy bit.

Please, Lord, let it be. Because between You and me, work, AND new job hunting, and school, and studying, and family time, and church, and everything between is making me a little batty.

You might say I'm having a little trouble keeping up.

But I'm working on it. And sometimes succeeding, too. ;)

Let the church say AMEN.
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