Salsa Me, Baby!

I'm an unabashed chicken when it comes to hot foods - as in, I will run clucking if you try and bring anything jalapeno-like my way.

Sad but true.

But I LOVE me some picante [salsa for you non-natives] and adore variations on the old standards.

Then there's, you know, the old standards. Sweet nephew Ray and I can do WORK on some chips and 'chip dip dip' [for some reason, he can't just say chip dip, which, really, it's so cute, I'm not pressing the issue] and I'm pretty thrilled about trying this recipe from JunkFest.

You can imagine us standing around the island in the kitchen, greedily dipping into what will surely be a fabulous bouquet of awesomeness.

Because that's where we're going to be a little later.

Just so you know. ;)

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