Salsa Me, Baby!

I'm an unabashed chicken when it comes to hot foods - as in, I will run clucking if you try and bring anything jalapeno-like my way.

Sad but true.

But I LOVE me some picante [salsa for you non-natives] and adore variations on the old standards.

Then there's, you know, the old standards. Sweet nephew Ray and I can do WORK on some chips and 'chip dip dip' [for some reason, he can't just say chip dip, which, really, it's so cute, I'm not pressing the issue] and I'm pretty thrilled about trying this recipe from JunkFest.

You can imagine us standing around the island in the kitchen, greedily dipping into what will surely be a fabulous bouquet of awesomeness.

Because that's where we're going to be a little later.

Just so you know. ;)



Fashion Friday.

Don't hate 'cause it's 70s.

Crazy stripey/ikat-ish dress - Merona for Target - also years ago. I went through a definite high-waisted
                                            dress period in my life, which only intensified my love for the Tar-jay.
Drapey cardi/jacket - Estate sale.
Canvas/buckle bag - Buckle, $39.99
Brown ribbon belt - Asos, $11
Brown leather booties - Buckle, $69.99
Owl necklace - Rue21, $4.99
Knotted yarn bracelet - Rue21, $3.99
Gold coin earrings - Hippie shop, $3.99



He's Got Taste.

I'd just like to point out that, aside from the ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, this song is sweet nephew Ray's fave.

My Valentine's card from sweet hubs plays a clip of the song when the card is opened, and Raiden's favorite thing to do is sneak into our room and steal the card.

Not that he's not easy to find - we just follow the the sounds of Satchmo. He's got this funny little dance involving pretty much nothing except wobbling his head back and forth wildly to go along with it. ;)

I'm inordinately proud of his fine taste in music, you understand.

I'm also happy to say that I know EXACTLY where he gets it from.


On Being Gullible.

Knowledge is power.

And we all know that some people should never be armed with too much power.

Point in case - or is it case in point? - at any rate, here's an interesting article about a study conducted among students who were exposed to a fictional 'endangered tree octopus' information page online - and believed it was real, even after researchers revealed the truth.

Because, of course, they saw it on the internets, so it had to be true. I know people who put far too much faith in the internets at large, and Googles in particular, so it made a lot of sense to me. And not only because it was fun to chuckle at someone ELSE'S gullibility, thankyouverymuch.

It's a scary thought, that anyone with the ability to string words into sentences can sign up for a free blog and feed their own opinions into the information superhighway.

I should know, I'm LIVING PROOF. =)

Ethical bloggers should always, ALWAYS strive to separate opinion from fact. But not every blogger is ethical, and not every blog is maintained by a blogger. It's important to check, re-check, verify, and confirm the information you find online. What may have helped Jane Smith from Yourtown, USA to lose 150 pounds in 6 weeks probably isn't accurate, no matter how high in the Googles hierarchy the 'article' is listed.

And WebMD is not the name of a doctor, it is a reference.

And Googles is a simple [albiet GINORMOUS] text search engine.

People aren't perfect, and opinions aren't always truth. That's all a part of the imperfect humanity package. And as long as you remember that, information can be a powerful tool to enrich your life.

And, if you choose to ignore it, I have a lovely piece of beachfront property in Idaho that I'd love to show you. ;)



Fashion Friiiiiiday.

I'm in a Dynasty-inspired phase of my life, I think.

Also, I got this cute necklace from Buckle for $12, and it's so funky wacky retro that I'm working it into every outfit I can think of.

White sundress - Target, years ago.
Structured jacket - Thrifted, $2.
Black ribbon belt - came with another dress. Reuse, recycle, reinvent! ;)
Nude/Black wrap platform sandals - Fergalicious line from JCPenney, last year, $29.99
Black/white trim traincase purse - Given to me by a friend.
Necklace - Buckle, $12
Black stone earrings - featured on this Fashion Friday.



Wow, wow, not wubbzy!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, both because I've been insanely busy and because my auto-post feature decided to turn all of my posts into drafts instead of scheduled posts.

*ahem* Blogger, I'm going to need you to stay on your game for me, that's all I'm saying.

I'm in the process of reorganizing and re-editing some of the posts, so you'll see them popping up here and there, because it makes a lot more sense to start from here than to backdate everything and confuse everyone, right?


I AM going to go out on a limb here and say that posts are probably going to be sparse around here for a few more weeks until life slows down just a teensy bit.

Please, Lord, let it be. Because between You and me, work, AND new job hunting, and school, and studying, and family time, and church, and everything between is making me a little batty.

You might say I'm having a little trouble keeping up.

But I'm working on it. And sometimes succeeding, too. ;)

Let the church say AMEN.


I Just Need To Say..

[Image from the NOAA]


It was '21 degrees, feels like 9 degrees' this morning when I headed out, and I can attest to every one of those 9 degrees.

I do love me some winter weather, but I PREFER TO FEEL MY TOES.

I'm not being picky, it's just a preference, you understand.

South Texas is nothing if not prepared, though - in light of the expected continual temperature drop, there has been a rush on the grocery store, schools will be closing at noon, and electric companies have already started staggered blackouts, cutting power for 45 minutes or so to sections in town.

Because THE TEMPERATURE IS DROPPING, and those are logical things to do when it's cold.

Not that I'm complaining. I'll be at home in my jammies if anyone needs me. :)
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