What Would You Do?

I read the original blog post that spawned a movement, an outcry, and the above book, and suffice to say, I was neither swayed nor impressed with the 'openmindedness' [because, um, SPINELESS much?] of the parents in this situation.

This has nothing to do with me, of course, being childless and female, but the subject came up when sweet nephew Ray, two years old, grabbed his aunt's headband and proclaimed himself to be "a beautiful princess".

You can imagine how quickly his uncle D set him straight.

I'm a firm believer in parental responsibility - children need and deserve to be taught right from wrong, yes from no, and acceptable from unacceptable.

And neglecting to guide one's child into the yeses and nos of life is pure shame.

It's not okay. It's not normal. And there are definitely no heroes in that situation. But it IS something to consider as we plan for our own future children, because a world where lines are blurred to the point of complete reversal of basic morality is a scary place to raise a kid!

It's sad that correcting a child in love could be considered a BAD thing. Sad is exactly what sweet Ray wasn't when we took the headband away.

Come to find out, he's cool with being a handsome prince, 'cause that one comes with a sword.
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