Tax Away! ..Literally, Take Them AWAY!


You know you're starting your week out right when you're thinking about income tax, right?

Or maybe not so much. I mean, the deadline for W2s to be sent out is rushing at us like a freight train in the country [because we all know that trains move at a snail's pace when they're actually, you know, blocking a ROAD or something], but a good majority of America will probably try to ignore that chore until April 15th.

Because we're still paying for Christmas, yo.

I hate paying taxes. I hate that I have no say over the money I work very hard for. I hate that taxes are constantly increasing.

But I DO love me some tax refunds, and even though I was self-employed last year, I'm hoping we can qualify for a little something something this year. Without kids to claim as dependents, our chances of making any money around tax time are slim, but still, a girl can dream.

That's why I'm keeping an eye out. Not exactly anxiously, because 'anxiously awaiting' implies an action like, oh, say, organizing all of my paperwork in preparation, but still, I'm mildly excited.

To be fair, I'm also very busy consulting Googles about tax refunds. So far I've got this article on tax deductions, but be assured, I'm very thorough with my mouse and keyboard. As long as I can sit here and conduct such clearly important research, I totally will. ;)

Anyone else an early filer? Or do you hang on until April to send in your forms?
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