Plucky Me!

Doesn't she look confident in her grooming abilities, y'all? Whoever this gal is, she's got it going on.

Unlike me.

Because I have just had one of the most traumatizing eyebrow experiences in my life.

And I'm only being dramatic just a teensy-tiny bit.

Just so you know where I stand.

I feel confident that you'll understand just how traumatizing this is to me, even though I should have known from the start that something was amiss; after all, one can't expect delicacy and precision from a woman who can't speak English and charges $3 to wax eyebrows.

But I wasn't prepared to have chunks of skin ripped from around my eyebrows and upper lip, and I definitely never expected that I'd be paying a total of $20 for the pleasure.

Yep. Not only am I missing patches of facial skin, I am a sucker. I still tipped her, even as my face swelled up, bled, and wept a little.

My own real blood and everything.

I'm pretty much convinced never to go back to this woman, but there's no one in town that threads [my first choice for eyebrows] and, you know, this facial hair situation MUST be kept under control.


Right now I'm using a heavy-duty concealer and praying for divine healing. But I'm considering investing in some eyebrow guides and industrial tweezers and having a go at my own eyebrows.

I covet your prayers.
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