The One With The Sniffles.

I've been struggling to find something interesting to share today.

So far I've got... Nothing.

I'm a little off my game, though, since I've had The Crud for a few days now. Nothing major enough to run to the doctor for, only just major enough to make me want to down a double dose of Nyquil and hunker down with my fleece blanket.

You can understand how tempting that is just from reading it, can't you?

I'm also tempted to wear nose plugs to class tonight, because the thought of being That One Sniffler in the quiet classroom [it IS statistics, afer all - there's not a lot of noise in a subject like that] is something akin to a Greek tragedy.

However, as Gene Krantz allegedly said on Apollo 13, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

So there.
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