New Year's Goals..

I can't take credit for the shot [after all, there's no wonky flash issues and lopped-off appendages] but I love the style of this photo from KLP in Chicago. One of my goals for 2011 is to have photos done of D and I. When we married, the opportunity for a shoot with a professional wasn't available, and while my little sis and I did a pretty good job [if I do say so myself] with our wedding pictures, I want us to have a couples shoot to celebrate our lives together.

Yep. It's sappy and unnecessary. But it's ON MY LIST.

And of course, that makes it a real, live goal. ;)

I'm trying to convince D to take me to Chicago so I can book with this fabulous photographer. Kristen La Voie does awesome work, and Chicago is FULL of great places to photograph. Except for being a city that is not at all significant to either one of us, it's, you know, PERFECT.

Which probably means it's not a good idea.

Still, I'm totally working the angle. ;)

I'm not gonna lie, picture taking is a GREAT motivator to lose this extra weight I'm carrying around, too. After all, they say the camera adds 50 pounds [it's 50, right? it has to be!] and these hips don't need any additions. ;)

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