Happy New Year's Birthday!

On this day, 21 years ago, a chubby, squalling baby girl came into the world a little earlier than anyone expected, and for the little family waiting for her, she was the most perfect gift we could ever have hoped for.

She's grown into a lovely young woman - without an ounce of that extra chub she brought into the world with her, bless her skinny heart - and she has such a beautiful personality, too. She's fiercely loyal, generous to a fault, and she has a kind smile for everyone - and a penchant for collecting friends like some people collect shells or beanie babies or, you know, old receipts for no apparent reason.

Because we don't know anyone that does THAT.

She also happens to be my best friend and closest confidant - and sometimes, my partner in crime. ;)

Happy birthday, beautiful sister of mine! I love you dearly!

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