You can tell she's excited about Monday, right?

On another note, can you even get over the fact that it's 2011?

I can't!

But that's not only because time flies by like a space rocket these days - it's also due to the fact that I'm far too busy with vacation to be counting.

Yep. I'm on vacation! I'm having a blast right this very second as I wait in line for the bathroom. Coincidentally, it's a little difficult to find time for blogging, since I Refuse. To. Give. Up. My. Bathroom. Time.

While I'm waiting [WHY WASN'T I FIRST?!?] I'm amusing myseld with the 'how old is your body' quiz over at the Daily Mail.

Not even playing. My hand is sore from pinching.

Good thing it's my turn for the bathroom, hey? ;)

Have a great, happy, wonderful Monday!

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