Confessions Of A Procrastinator.

I have something to admit to the world.

This applies to almost every situation that requires backtracking, and it's probably indicative of a larger issue that I don't care to explore, but it's true.

Did you forget something vitally important at the house we just left 10 minutes ago? You'll be fine. No, really. I'm not turning around, you WILL WEAR MISMATCHED SHOES to the ball, Cinderella.

What? Unpack my suitcase from last week's trip? Let me empty it out my own way, day by day, as I slowly wear my way through the pile of clothes I didn't really need to take, in the first place. THEN I'll put the suitcase up.

And undecorating? That's the worst of all, especially in regards to Christmas decorations.

I'm not afraid to admit that it strikes a little fear and nausea deep within me.

That's why I'm SO GLAD that my precious Mom so generously agreed to take apart all the holiday decor at our house last week.

Why was our Christmas decor still up last week, you ask? Well, it's simple, really. We like the ambience. And also, Christmas is only 11 months away. So we're early, if you think about it.

And I might have considered sticking some hearts on it and calling it a Valentine's tree.

As you may have noticed, my loathing for undoing anything I've started runs deep.

We're lucky to have my Mama, because I was really starting to lean toward the hearts.

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