Back To School... Again!


I'm going to go for it!
I'm enrolling in classes this week to knock out the last few credits I need to complete my degree... FINALLY! I've been working on this BA for 8 years.

Yep. You can stop and count 'em.

EIGHT STINKING YEARS. Spent working on the same degree.

There aren't enough words to describe how slackerish that makes me sound - and feel!

The good thing is that I'm still hanging in there, though. I'm on track to enroll in MBA boot camp [because my current major is Psychology and I'm switching to a Business major, I have some catching up to do before I jump into the MBA program] and I'm excited to be working towards my goal again.

Now if I could only find Ann Frank folders and My Little Pony pencils, this back-to-school thing would feel just about right. ;)
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