31 Bits.

You may have noticed a trend in my shopping habits.

I mean, goodness knows I talk about shopping enough, right?

I am a sucker for a gift with a cause, and I love nothing more than to contribute to an organization doing good in the world. I have a deep-seated thankfulness for everything I've been given, and if I may be very candid, I know what it's like to go without some things.

I'm blessed, and I've never been forsaken, but that doesn't mean I've always been able to stretch my pennies quite far enough to cover my basic needs, like, you know, toilet paper and tuna.

And that is just another story of how an awesome God and some incredibly kind parents saved my skin.

But back to the shopping.

I found this company, 31 bits designs, and fell a little in love with their beautiful jewelry collection. And it's made of recycled paper beads! Gorgeous.

Not everyone is into the accessories, even though some of the bracelets would be FAB watches - and I respect that - but if you ARE, these are pretty much amazing pieces to consider, I'm just sayin'.

The fact that the organization is designed to help enrich the lives of women in Uganda makes the collection even more special. Health training, financial and business training, and a link to a worlwide market are just a few of the things going on in Gulu, Uganda, through the work of 31 bits.

So, if you're shopping for your own after-Christmas gifts, have a look around 31 bits, ok? I promise you won't be disappointed.

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