Where We Live.

Ok, y'all. Today's the big day - for me, anyway! It's the day I show you just how much work went into our little nest... And just how much I need to vaccuum, in some cases.

Yep. It's the great house tour!

Great, of course, is subjective. But it works for me! ;)

In between putting up laundry and making sandwiches and wrapping presents and chasing sweet nephew Ray around, I recently took a couple of pictures of the house D and I updated with the help of my awesome family.

It was meant to be our first house, but after it was all put together, plans changed. God has a funny way of doing that plan-changing thing when we least expect it - and who can argue with the Big Guy Himself?

So for now, we're bunking in the second bedroom of this little 1800s-era farmhouse. The good part is that we still get to see all of our stuff in it's remodeled, redecorated glory - the bad part is that we're sharing it, and we don't always get a say in how it's used.

That's a perfect kind of torture for a type A person... Not that I'd know or anything. ;)

The even better part, though, is that we're making precious memories with an amazing, one-of-a-kind family. The fact that we can all share one house, although very temporarily, is a testament to a strong family bond.

I mean, we still love each other every day! Miracle of MIRACLES!

This week I'll show you around the place and describe what we've done. It's not fancy, and there are countless things we can see that we wish we'd done differently, but it's our own handiwork.

Plus, there's Christmas lights, and who doesn't love a little sparkle? ;)

Here's a handy guide of the layout to help you put everything into perspective. Of COURSE it's neither measured to scale nor completely labeled [let's pretend the furniture labels are a surprise, ok?] because that'd be entirely too much work. ;)

Get ready and come on over for a visit. I'll have the sweet tea on. ;)

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