Where We Live - Day 4

This is the room where magic happens.

No, not the bedroom, naughty!

It's the kitchen, and it's definitely the heart of our home. There is always someone in here, whipping something up.

It's kind of nice to have all these people who know how to cook hanging around, you know?
We went with a bright, retro theme. In retrospect [pun intended] I probably wouldn't choose such a bright, saturated color for the walls, but for this little farm kitchen, it just works. =)

Folks, we have here an average, cheapo fridge. Nothing fancy, but it boasts an icemaker and plenty of room for pickles, so it does the job for us just fine. ;)

The biggest challenge with such an old house is the lack of cabinet space. We don't have the cash lying around to invest in a total kitchen redo, so we used furniture to supplement the cabinetry we do have - hence the small counter between the stove and 'fridge.

The two candle holders were made for my first house away from home and family - they're spoons I raided from my mom's collection and bent to hold candles. Their fork counterpart is in the laundry area, serving as an apron hook. ;)

The hood vent doubles as pot and pan storage. It works for us. 

Detail of the hood vent. It's stainless steel and matches the island top.

To the right of the sink, our food cabinet. The back of the cabinet is painted red with white circle designs freehanded onto it. Whimsical, I say!

We decided on cheap-o counter paint instead of new counters. Ultimately, this house is a long-term rental, so anything we put into it, although we have a sweet deal with the landowners, doesn't benefit us in the long run. So there are cosmetic changes we're only willing to go so far for, and the counter tops suffered in the process. I don't think they minded too much, though, with their shiny new coat of food-safe, high-temperature paint.

The left of the sink [the sink is directly under the window]. This cabinet holds our everyday dishes, which, coincidentally, are our fancy dishes, too. 

The snowman is a Christmas countdown chalkboard, and the plant is D's famous love bamboo, catching some sun. [It usually chills on the desk in the office, but happened to be in the kitchen? Someone was taking care of his love plant again, I'm just sayin'.] 

This is actually an older photo of the island [from a cupcake decorating day with the nephews, in case you're wondering about all that sugar happening] so don't mind the dishwashing accoutrements. They're supposed to be in the cabinet below the big farmhouse sink, but clearly, that doesn't happen often. ;) You can see the usual window treatment, the 'it's all good' sign, from here, too. We chose to skip curtains on this window as well as the bathroom because it's at the back of the house. We have no neighbors [except for the cows] back there, and we love that it lets the sunshine in. 

Plus, the view is awesome - it's a gently rolling hill for as far as you can see, and it looks so pretty in the mornings with the mist hanging over it.

I know. Sappy.

The lower cabinets hold baking supplies, tupperware, and cleaning supplies, and my dad installed big, deep drawers inside them for easy access.

He also built the island using a plan from Ana White's Knock Off Wood, and even though it was a little pricey for our cheapskate budget, it was still WAY cheaper than purchasing one. And we LOVE it.


This is the other side of the Coleman heater in the living room. It heats on both sides, which is nice - and it does still work, which is also nice in a house with no central air or heat installed. It just looks kind of ugly. ;) 

The 'laundry area' is really just a part of the kitchen - there's no division except for half walls and an extra wide doorway just like the one in the living/dining area. So it's nice that my sewing mama made a custom ironing board cover to match the mats on all my framed vintage ads and custom towels and potholders.

This is the laundry area - to the left is the doorway to the hall. To the right is the awful flash from my camera.

It's the little things that say I'm a terrible still life photographer.

The flowers are native to Texas and they're actually in two metal containers that have been butted together. They're made to hang on the wall and used to make me really homesick when I lived out of state and missed the wildflowers back home. =)

Yep, we have messy shelves, too. This one holds all our laundry supplies [we have some sensitive skin situations, so we have multiple detergents going on here] and ironed work uniforms for dear sister and I - which we hate, I might add.

It's bright and in-your-face and a little cramped, but it's homey and happy and worlds away from the previous versions. 

Gotta love what a little paint and a lot of elbow grease can do, that's all I'm sayin'!

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