Where We Live - Day 3.

Hey, you're here!

That means I haven't scared you away yet, a fact that makes me both happy and a little relieved. ;) But then again, you haven't seen the rest of the story.

Cue evil laugh here. ;)

No house tour would be complete without seeing the necessary rooms, right?

I mean, after all, this series of posts is all about full disclosure. =)

This is the main bathroom:

The claw foot bathtub is one of the reasons to love old houses. We added a shower kit to ours to make it more user-friendly [we're not long on patience, so showers are more our thing] and LOVE IT. 

The throne. Nothin' to see here, just your average bathroom necessity. The only difference with ours is the stainless steel plate it sits on, but that's more for support [thin floors and a raised-block foundation necessitate extra fortification for everything heavy] than style.

And the requisite bath and body works candle, because a girl's gotta have her fragrance. ;)

My composite art above the throne.

The bathroom has a nice big linen closet - love the quirks of old houses!

We haven't decided what to do with the mirror yet - it's builder grade and hides a medicine chest behind it, which we really need for the storage. For now, it stays like it is. 

Plain, builder-grade vanity. We put this in to replace the old wall-mounted sink. We definitely needed the storage, so this vanity was a great choice. 

Laundry basket - it's small, so it fills up really quickly, trust me!

The windowsill usually holds bud vases and gerbera daisies, but right now it's sporting a snow man and silvery berry sprig. We frosted the window for privacy without sacrificing light, and I love the clean, simple look of an unadorned window, too. 

On to the hallway outside the bathroom...

This is the view from the laundry area in the kitchen. The doorway directly ahead leads to the second bedroom, the one on the left is an open doorway leading to the living room, and the bathroom is to the right.

This console table belongs in the living room under the vogue poster, but we relocated it here for the holidays. Thankfully, the hallway is really wide, so it doesn't affect our walking space.

The big frame on the wall is supposed to have our wedding pictures in it, but, um.. It doesn't. Yet. =)

Only one guest so far has asked if we 'know those people' pictured in the frames.

On the left of the bathroom doorway is a monochromatic painting I did years ago. I wanted to see if I could paint, so I tried it. Not great by any means, but it works!

This is the painting to the right of the bathroom doorway. It's the second in my 'let's try this painting thing' set. 

There you have it. Some of the most used areas in our home. ;) And trust me, with our love of sweet tea, it's a distinct possibility that you'll see these areas should you ever come to visit.

I'm just sayin'.
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