Where We Live - Day 2.

I hope you're ready for the longest post in history.

For real. 'Cause here it goes!

Welcome to our living and dining area. Because the house is cosy [that's a really nice way of saying that it's SO small!] we use every square inch on a daily basis.

Some of us also clean every square inch on a daily basis.


We don't have an entryway - we're not fancy like that because the farming family that built the house from a one-room cabin back in the 19th century wasn't fancy like that - so the living room is the first stop.

 The living room as viewed from the dining room. These rooms are connected by a double doorway. Like french doors without the doors. Or hinges. Or anything except the doorway, so maybe it's just a doorway. ;)

The Christmas tree! We had to do some serious rearrangement to fit the tree in - a console table was moved into the hallway and the hallway bench was moved into the dining room. It was a holiday puzzle of sorts.

Coincidentally, we've discovered that we like having a bench at the dining room table for the expanded seating options, so there's no telling how long we'll hang onto our Christmas look now!

The vogue print behind the tree is a print of a cover from the 1940s. My decor relies heavily on vintage magazines, which I didn't plan, but kind of love, anyway.
My dad made the frame especially for the print when I moved to Florida. :)

My armoire - I love this thing, but it is massive. Seriously, the photos don't do it justice. It looks tame, right? A docile little piece that just does it's job without harming anyone.

Except that it's the heaviest piece of furniture I've ever owned. Unless you count my bed with EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY piled on top. It's that kind of heavy. Which is why I don't rearrange this room. It's impossible to move this baby at whim.

It holds our big tv [we love us some spurs games, I'm not going to lie] and a huge assortment of dvds, games, and stashed art supplies. Oh, and also my treasured boom box from 1999.

The 'be happy' sign has graced all of my houses, and it currently hangs out on top of the armoire. The carolers and greenery are for holiday flair, though. ;)

These are the chairs that hang out to the left and right of the armoire. They're 'slipper chairs' because they're low and long. They're easy for the kiddos to climb into and really, really comfy thanks to the long seats and extra padding. I ordered them sight-unseen online and couldn't be happier that the swirls in the print match the sofa.

The toy box is for the nephews, hence the soldier hats and megaphones.

What I don't love? The vintage coleman wall heater. I'd love to refurbish it but we haven't had the time, plus, it's kind of a big deal to properly refurbish a gas heater. 

Oh, and those bags of Christmas lights are actually lighted garland that was meant to be hung above the arch and on the porch, but in the interest of full disclosure, that SO hasn't happened.


The sofa is a butter yellow microsuede, and as much as I love it [because OH MY WORD, the comfort is unparalleled!], it doesn't really photograph well, thanks to little hands and feet constantly running over it in every direction. In defense of the poor guy, it looks a lot better in real life because you can't see all the ways the grain has been rubbed without a camera flash.

Oops again.

 These pillows are for Christmas - I'm a big fan of the throw pillow as an institution, and besides, who doesn't love singing snowmen?

Another view of the armoire and slipper chairs.

If you keep walking a few steps [just a few, I promise!] you'll be in the middle of the dining room. This room used to be known as 'the school room' and held multiple desks and computers and bookshelves. The kitchen is roomy enough to fit a table and chairs, so it wasn't a problem - until I convinced my handy dandy dad to build a custom island for the kitchen. It's been the key factor in reconfiguring how we use the rooms - and it relegated the major eating back to the dining room where it belongs. ;)

I know. NOW we're getting classy, right?

Here's the dining room:

My 'plate collection' - it's metal wall art that I had originally planned to replicate with garage sale plates and painstaking arrangement - until my mom and I found this piece on sale. SCORE one for easy decor!

The buffet all ready for Christmas. This was taken before the cards started pouring in - the top of the buffet is full of holiday well wishes now. It makes us happy to see all of the notes from our friends and family! The vase and peonies stay all year long, but the ornament filler is strictly holiday, as are the stockings.

Buffet detail - right side. The stockings are made from vintage quilts and the snowmen are actually floral picks. Talk about using what you have on hand! The ornaments are dollar store and the nostalgic french horn wreath was made by my mom years ago. It's a look I like to call 'eclectic'. I should probably call it 'storage shed special', because that's a little more accurate. ;) 

Buffet detail - left side. My mom's violin from middle school stays displayed in it's case against the buffet. It's sentimental AND a conversation piece! =)

The reason these photos didn't turn out very well - bad lighting thanks to these lovely floor-length raw silk drapes.

Table detail. It's survived a lot, this little table. We've discovered that we can seat 8 around it - it's meant for 4! The candle and bowl are always there, with a little flair depending on the time of year [It just had pumpkins in it for Thanksgiving]. I'm kind of a fan of bath and body works' candles, you'll notice.

This is a peek at the bench that we temporarily relocated here. It's usually in the hallway, and it's where we perch when there's a line for the bathroom, usually to holler at the person holding up the line. ;) But the seating options with a bench in the dining room are pretty nice, so a bench that fits into the dining room decor may be in our future.

Just so everyone knows where I stand.

Corner detail - this is the right side of the extra-wide doorway that opens into the living room. 

Left corner! I found these extra chairs years later than my original purchase of the dining set. For $35 each. Why yes, yes I DID jump on that like a hot fried potato. They're a slightly different color than the originals, but not enough to convince me to strip and re-stain them. ;)

Just bein' honest here.

With the 6 chairs and bench, we have a pretty full table. But we like it that way.

Room with a view - this was taken near the buffet, looking toward the living room. You can see how small the place is in this shot, although, to be fair, the angle of the photographer [no names here, people, don't incriminate me!] makes it look a little smaller.

But it works well for us. =)
Thanks for stopping by - come back tomorrow for a little more tour!

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