The Great Debate!

There's a raging debate going on at our house.

Raging may be a little too harsh a description, but it's certainly a debate and it definitely has it's moments of heartfelt emotion, so there's that.

See, it goes like this - I am a bad surprise keeper. I can keep secrets for life, but surprises? Things I know will just THRILL people? Things I'M HOLDING BACK from thrilling people?

I can't even handle it. I cave like a peanut butter dipped marshmallow and give my gifts almost as soon as they're wrapped.

I know. It's a curse.

Certain people have been known to take advantage of this particular character trait, because trust me, if you let me, I'll start socking gifts at you before December even rolls around. I'm kind of Christmas crazy like that.

My husband, though? He can sit on a surprise FOREVER. The man has the patience of Job, and he can hold out for ages, just waiting until the time is 'right'.

Therein lies our great debate. I'm ready to start passing out gifts NOW, and he wants to wait. Although, in my defense, he didn't seem to mind my gifting him early with the newest COD game, I'M JUST SAYIN'.

Not that there's any bitterness in my heart, you understand.

So our discussion continues. Is it better to wait until Actual Christmas to exchange gifts? Or is it ok to make a moment whenever you choose and give your gifts as you please?

I'd tell you how anxious we are for an answer to this burning question, but D and I are a little too busy with the hiding and finding of our Christmas packages, respectively.

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