Game Non.


I'm not gonna lie, I'm still in a little bit of a food coma, thanks to the awesome spread at the family table this year, but I opened up my facebook to a whole list of game requests [bored much over the holidays, friends?] and it made me pause and wonder if I'm the only one with THE SICKNESS.

The SICKNESS goes like this - first, a slight twinge of discomfort at the mention of yet another game. Then, a full blown grump attack as another invitation is sent from a randomly generated list by a friend who has NEVER seen me play an internet game of ANY sort.

Yeah. It's a little bit intense.

I despise video games and internet games and facebook farms and jungles and stores and cities. They irritate me with their pointlessness and marked ability to waste enormous amounts of time. I have enough procrastination in my blood to waste time all by myself, y'all. I do NOT need a video game addiction to make matters worse.

Also, I have very little patience for levels and phases and things, so there's that, too.

Am I the only one with this sickness? Or is it normal to have such strong feelings about a user-operated apparatus?

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