Dress Code Gone Too Far.


I am almost speechless.

And we know that doesn't happen often!

I've posted before about my utter disdain for women who reveal their bodies in tight, inappropriate outfits and then complain when men notice them or single them out as 'easy'.

But this dress code? It's a little intense. I believe that boundaries are good, and a dress code is perfectly acceptable to me. But when a company regulates undergarments and hair dye and tie patterns, I think the line has been crossed.

Why is it that this crazy world we live in can't find a balance between the two extremes? I know in my heart of hearts it's because so many people lack an anchor in Jesus - but common sense might lead one to expect a little bit of reason among all these regulations and public movements and lawsuits and law books.

I'm just sayin'.

This is one crazy world.

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